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Sharing economy: Bonfires of San Juan (Alicante)

Published by StreetBarter, at 7 de June de 2016, in Sharing economy

The celebration: Bonfires of San Juan. Alicante celebrates the coming of summer with the bonfires of San Juan. In a spectacular display of music, colour and fireworks, thousands of people throng the streets to experience this fiesta which pays tribute to fire. To celebrate the arrival of summer, the people of Alicante would traditionally flock to […]

Enjoy the Sharing Economy

Published by StreetBarter, at 24 de May de 2016, in Sharing economy

Are you ready for the sharing economy? The sharing economy is defined as an exchange of goods or services through a website. However when we talk about the sharing economy we are not only talking about how to make a cheaper trip sharing goods or expenses, but we should be ready to meet people that […]