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Cookies Policy

StreetBarter informs about the use of cookies in its website.

A cookie is a file which can be downloaded in your computer or device in order to gain access to some specific websites. The cookies allow a website to store and recover information (among other things) about the surfing habits of an user or of the user’s computer, and depending on the obtained information, it might be used to recognise the user and to improve the service. Under no circumstances, cookies will be able to damage your computer. On the contrary, the facet of being active helps us to idenify and solve possible problems.

The owner of the website can make use of the cookies to customise and facilitate as much as possible the surfing on the website. Cookies are only associated to an anonymous user and its computer, and they will never give information that may allow to get the user’s personal data.
The user will be able to configure the browser so that it can notify and refuse the installation of cookies sent by the entity, without avoiding the user to be able to gain access to the contents.

Cookies used.

The cookies that are being used on this website are the following:

  • The _gat and _ga files are Google Analytics cookies. These allow the measuring and statistic analysis of all the visits to our websites. They are own cookies, session cookies and analysis cookies.
  • The Plugin Cookie Law (viewed_cookie_policy) manages the user’s permission for the use of cookies on the website so that the user remembers the acceptance or the rejection. For those that accepted the information about it will not be shown.

Acceptance of Cookies Policy.

StreetBarter assumes that you accepts the use of the cookies policy. However, with any login, StreetBarter shows information about the cookies policy on the upper part of the website so that you can be aware of it.

Knowing this information you can: Accept cookies, in which case the warning will not be displayed when getting to the website in the same login. Or Close, which makes the warning be hidden.

Modify cookies configuration.

We inform you that you can allow, block or eliminate the cookies that are installed in your computer, using the browser’s internet options. In the case you don’t allow the installation of cookies in your computer it might be possible that you cannot access to some of the services and that your experience on our website might not be that satisfactory.

At the following links you can find more information about the administration of cookies depending on the different browsers: