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Enjoy the Sharing Economy

Published by StreetBarter at 24 de May de 2016, in Sharing economy

Are you ready for the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is defined as an exchange of goods or services through a website. However when we talk about the sharing economy we are not only talking about how to make a cheaper trip sharing goods or expenses, but we should be ready to meet people that we don’t know and to live experiences with them.


Nowadays the concept of the sharing economy has been being integrated more and more, with coworkers, friends, relatives and even the media, which is quoting it constantly. This is because the society has been changing into a type in which  everybody is benefited  without giving more in exchange.

Planning a trip means a lot of research of the best offers for our destination, best transport offer, facility and places to visit. For this you can use travel agencies, on the street or on the internet, but we usually tend to use the big trip searchers. We tend to look for servives that are included in the sharing economy.

Does it scare you?

Think that throughout your life you might have used the sharing economy without being concious about it. Who has never exchanged cards, stickers, books or videogames? Anyway, thanks to the modernisation and use of websites, now we can exchange houses, cars or cash, sharing every type of expenses (trips by car, tables on a train, or an office) with people that we don’t know.

Even so, the main fears that we usually have are related to: How am I going to exchange my house, currency and/or share a car with someone I don’t know? Most of the times you read other users’ opinions in order to choose a hotel or a restaurant, then, why is it going to be different when exchanging expenses with someone I don’t know?


Solution: Search, exchange or share, and then, rate.

Usually, websites that use this business concept have developed a safe enviroment based on the comments and reviews made by users that are part of the community and that use the service. Thanks to this, any user with mean intentions or that tries to misuse the service is quickly located and excluded by the users of the website.

As you may guess, you can save a lot of money and share experiences about your trip. However, in order to benefit yourself from the advantages of the sharing economy, you should be open-minded and not care about meeting other people and their experiences.


Invest in experiences, invest in the sharing economy.

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