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How do I look for a Barter?

Through our seeker, you can establish the following criteria:

  • Looking for (currency I want to get).
  • I have (currency I have).
  • Where (city where I want to meet for bartering).

Clicking on the button “Find Barter” the result of the search will appear.

How much is it going to cost to exchange currency?

StreetBarter makes available to the users a platform in which you can exchange currency with other users without any cost, that is to say we will not apply any processing charge, rate or fee. You will only exchange according to the actual value of the currency at the time of the exchange request.

Why publishing a Barter?

It is possible that in your searching criteria for Find a Barter you may not find any result:

In your User Panel of StreetBarter you will be able to Publish a new Barter:

  • Choose the amount, the currency you have and the currency you are looking for. Clicking on Convert the app will automatically show the actual change and you will know the amount of the Barter.
  • Establish the city and the location choosing among the BarterPoints that may be better for you.
  • In the end, you choose the date and time in which you want to exchange the currency.

Publish your Barter!

There is no coincidence for my searching criteria.

You may see this message:

We are sorry but there NO results that match with your searching criteria.

Don’t worry, it is possible that nobody has the currency you are looking for at that moment or that it might not be in the city you want. Establish an alert clicking on Create email alert and we will send you an email whenever a Barter that matches your criteria might be published.

See My Alerts!

What is shown in the Searching results?

The users that may  fulfill your searching criteria will be shown to you and you will have the following options:

  • View Profile: If you are not sure about the user you should exchange currency with, you will have the chance to take a look at this user’s profile, where you will see information about the user and opinions and reviews left by other users.
  • Request Barter: Once you have chosen the user you should click on Request Barter and the information about the exchange will be shown to you so that you fill in the data required in order to Send request to the user.

With all this information you will be able to reach an agreement with the person  you may choose and specify your own criteria about the amount, the date, the time and the BarterPoint that you may prefer.

Send your Request!

What can I do if the person I am meeting with fails to attend?

StreetBarter is a community made of users that give value to each other in order to establish a trusting relationship. We have created the necessary tools to use in case an user is going to be late or cannot attend the meeting. If this happens , ther user will be able to notify this soon enough so that the other user can look for another exchange or change plans.

What can I do if I am going to be late or if I cannot assist?

In StreetBarter we don’t like giving personal information to other users so we will not give anyone your telephone number.

This is why, if for any reason you think you cannot be on time or attend the meeting, you should notify the other user that you will arrive 30 minutes, 1 hour late or that you won’t be able to assist.

Be foresight and notify these things with enough time. You should take into account that the other user will be able to make a review about the exchange, and a negative review will provoke that you will have difficulties to get your next exchange.