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Sharing economy: London – Spain, 70% cheaper

Published by StreetBarter at 23 de May de 2016, in Economía colaborativa Sharing economy

There are cheaper ways of travelling and, thanks to the sharing economy, it is possible to do it at least a 70% cheaper than with the conventional method. This means that, for example if in a big Spanish city you might spend more or less 400 € among accommodation, transportation and currency change. But with this method it would cost you less than 120 €!

Travelling only with sharing economy companies can make you trip at least a 70% cheaper.

If you are willing to travel  differently, this is what you can save. What usually makes the price of your trip increase is the accommodation and the transportation inside the city itself, and to this amount you have to add the currency change that you pay. With this method you may save your money and use it to get to know the city with a local guide and to do your shopping and other managements from home.

Rent a car directly from a private individual.

It might happen that you get to a city and that you have to intention of renting a car at the airport. If you do this with a company, that might cost more or less 76€ /day. But you also have the option of renting the same type of vehicle from a private individual for approximately 19€ /day  (socialcar, amovens, drivy…). SAVINGS OF APPROXIMATELY 57€ /DAY


If you don’t want to rent a car because you already have some specific visits organised around the city using a public transport, we recommend you not to use a taxi for distances of more than 15km (approximately 20€), but to share the expenses of a car trip with other drivers that may want to go to the same destination as you do. With this you may spend less than 5€ (blablacar, amovens…), it will be faster than public transports and you might get to know very interesting people. SAVINGS OF APPROXIMATELY 15€ / WAY

Book a room with a bathroom directly to the owner.

Talking about accommodatio, you can book rooms with bathrooms in the centre of the city directly to the owner from 25-30€/night (roomarama, airbnb…), and this makes it cheaper than a night at a hotel, which would cost approximately 75€ /night. SAVING OF APPROXIMATELY 45€ / NIGHT


NOTE: If you are the owner of a house, this is your lucky day, as you might have the possibility of staying for free in your destination if you reach an agreement with another owner (nightswapping).



Change your currency for free with other travellers like you.

In order to change your currency, meet another traveller and do the exchange for free, thanks to StreetBarter. You might save the processing charge, the commissions and the change fees. SAVING FOR THE CHANGE FROM 300 POUNDS TO EUROS OF APPROXIMATELY 45€

 And you still might have some extra money for…

Let a company do the managements “home delivery” in less than 60 minutes (glovoapp) and hire a local guide that can show you the curious facts of the city you are visiting (trip4real).



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