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Standards of Good Behaviour

The standards of good behaviour are established to Barter currency among individuals in any of our selected locations, established by StreetBarter and called “BarterPoints”.

The usage of the website in order to use the service and consequentially the date, time and location agreement (BarterPoints in different cities) where the exchanges will take place means the consequent acceptance without reservation of the present Standards of Good Behaviour.

3.1 In the case of wanting to use the service, the user undertakes to look for or publish in the website the currency owned as well as the currency wished. The user is then informed that all the information about the currency owned or wished, the location and the date of the meeting, the opinions or reviews, is provided directly by the users and it is not StreetBarter’s responsibility.

3.2 All the users are responsible for ensuring that all the information provided is correct, as well as that all the agreed terms between the different parts will be fulfilled. StreetBarter will not be responsible of the accuracy of the information or of the infringement of the conditions agreed among users.

3.3 Users should observe the adequate precautions, especially in relation to the information provided by the website or by the users. The user should remember the ignorance of the other users’ identities found in the website, so the user should not express the knowledge of third parties’ identities.

3.4 As a security measure, only the users that arrange a meeting will know the location and the amount of money that will be exchanged between them. Financial information should not be provided to other users or any other person related to the BarterPoint.

3.5 Without prejudice to the possibility or necessity of contacting the relevant authorities, the user must inform of any type of abuse, harassment or any criminal activity through the website in the following link //www.streetbarter.es/contacto. If the user wasn’t sure about denouncing these facts, all this should be notified to StreetBarter so that if necessary the user may collaborate with the relevant authorities.

3.6 When the users agree to an exchange, they may have present that StreetBarter has provided a group of BarterPoints to all the users. These BarterPoints will be the only location in which the exchanges can take place. All the BarterPoints will have a free WIFI connection so we recommend you to carry your mobile phone with you.

3.7 Users should always check the identity of the other users with whom they are going to exchange currency before doing it in order to be sure that the exchange takes place with the correct person. Knowing this, any user can request a supporting document, for example the one sent from StreetBarter. The real identities of the users should correspond to the those offered on the website, as well as what has been agreed among the different parts. A user can refuse to exchange of the identity of the other user does not correspond to the one provided. In this case, the user should provide this information to StreetBarter.

3.8 The exchange will take place completely free of charge, without management charges, commissions or change rates. The only thing to take into account is the real current change as there may be exchange rate fluctuations, depending on the currency. When an exchange will be published the app will execute the conversion depending on the current change available, so StreetBarter will not be responsible and does not establish any change value.

3.9 Users are not forced to consume anything in any of the BarterPoints, so they may not be instigated because of that. In any case the responsible of the BarterPoints service may ask the users if they want to consume any of the products or services available in that location.

3.10 The users are committed to respect the time and location agreed in order to fulfil the exchange. Furthermore, all the users are committed to carry the exact amount of money agreed for the exchange. Under no circumstances this meeting can be transformed into any type of negotiation.

3.11 StreetBarter will not be responsible of any of the parts’ default in the indicated location or without the agreed amount. It will be the user’s responsibility, if this may happen, to write a review about the meeting and the StreetBarter team will evaluate the continuance of the user in the web community.

3.12 The currency exchange is completely legal among individuals and because of the activity associated to the services provided by StreetBarter, it cannot be considered a financial institution within the legal framework.

3.13 The users of the community know and accept that the other users can emit reviews about them to establish a relationship of confidence  between users and they accept that the reviews may be published on the website. Furthermore, the users also accept that their level of experience will be estimated, established and published on the website according to the criteria stated by StreetBarter.