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Terms of use



1.1.- These terms and conditions have as an objective, to establish and regulate the general access to the website, moreover different contents and services provided by StreetBarter or by third parties. Through streetbarter.com StreetBarter provides access and usage of different services and contents ( “Services”), available by StreetBarter or by third parties.

1.2.- The user is then informed and accepts the conditions which could be affected by some changes in the future, under the StreetBarter criteria and that will do as much as it could to let the user know when necessary. Anyway, it is the user’s responsibility to verify the current terms and conditions every time the website is going to be used.

1.3.- The access and use of the website is only the user’s responsibility, including the acceptance of all the general terms and conditions. This responsibility includes the necessary registration to gain access to some services and contents, third parties’ contents included.

1.4.- StreetBarter cannot guarantee that all the link to different sites will be exact at the time of the access. The sites of the links are third parties’ property and their responsibility. All the different eventualities of any service, link, hypertext or any other information including the brand etc that may be third parties’ property will not be supported by StreetBarter.

1.5.- According to these terms and conditions, these terms will have the following meanings:

“Conditions”: the present terms and general conditions of use, including the particular conditions that may result from the application of the current Standards of Good Behaviour.

“User”: each person that publishes a barter, asks for a barter or any other user of the website.

“Service”: any assistance provided by the website to any user.

“Sign up”: the user will have to fill up some information form in order to verify the identity of itself and to be able to use the services provided by the website.

“Currency Barter”: It is a currency exchange among different people in order to save money during the change of currency. The website will provide the current change at the moment of the barter, being unable to establish it manually or to speculate with it.

“I have”: this will be the amount of money and the specific currency that you have and want to use for the barter.

“Looking for”: This will be the amount and the specific currency that you are looking for. You will be unable to establish de amount manually.

“BarterPoint”: This will be the location selected for the barter. This place will have been provided in order to barter the currencies.

“Ask for a barter”: The proposal of an user in order to be in contact with another user that may accomplish your search criteria. The aim will be to barter the currencies.

“User panel”: It will be activated whenever the users finishes the registration.

“Publish a barter”: The user will be able to publish about the currency owned, the one looked for ad the preferences of location and time so that the user that match these parameters will have the option of asking for the barter.

“Access data”: The private information about the users that will not be published in the profile and that will only be used for gaining access to the account.

“Picture”: The picture that the user will publish in the profile and that will be visible for anybody with an account.

“Profile information”: The information belonging to the user that will be public and that will be published in the Members’ profile of StreetBarter.

“My Barters”: A list of all the different barters published or carried out by the user.

1.6.- The email address provided by the user during the registration process will be used by StreetBarter in order to inform the user.

1.7.- The declaration of invalidity o nullity of any of these terms or conditions will not affect the legitimacy of the other terms.

1.8.- The present terms and conditions of the services provided by StreetBarter through the website represent a total agreement among the different parts, considering of higher rank any written or oral agreement, understanding, statement, representation, negotiations or any other agreement related to this subject.


2.1.- The access to the website is free, nevertheless StreetBarter establishes the necessity of having a registration for some areas and the usage of all their services, filling out the proper form.

2.2.- The condition of user implies the legal age of majority. The user expresses and declares to have the age of majority.

2.3.- The user is committed to making good use of the contents, information and provided services through the website, according to the law, to the good faith and customs generally accepted.

2.4.- The user is committed to behaving with any user, including personally and through the comments that may result in a Barter, all of them politely and following the “STANDARS OF GOOD BEHAVIOUR” indicated in stipulation 3.

2.5.- The user guarantees the veracity of the previous statement, as well as the information provided to StreetBarter, and will also be responsible of keeping it completely updated. The falseness of the personal information provided by the user during the registration process in the website or in any other provided service may provoke the expulsion from the website, losing the status of registered user, without entitlement to compensation and without prejudice to the corresponding legal actions.

2.6.- Once the registration is completed, StreetBarter will authorise the user in the registered users’ database. An account will be generated with its email address and the password associated to each user. The user must watch over the password given by StreetBarter for the purpose of avoiding the access to third parties that may not be authorised and keeping the confidentiality.

2.7.- In any case, the user will be the sole responsible for any false or inaccurate conduct and the damages caused to StreetBarter or a third party for the information provided.

2.8.- StreetBarter reserves the right to deny the admission to the website, which will not mean any compensation.

2.9.- The user will be warned that the usage of the website with commercial purposes will not be permitted. StreetBarter forbids the use of the website with any professional purpose. This is a platform created in order to connect different users to barter different currencies with the value established at the moment of the publication. It is forbidden to obtain any benefit through the website or through the agreements among users.

2.10.- Any type of action made by the user that may infringe the present terms and conditions, the particular conditions that may regulate the concrete services, the law or the good customs will mean the immediate expulsion from the website, losing the registration and without any compensation.

2.11.- The user will be the sole responsible towards any complaint or legal action taken by third parties or by the user against StreetBarter, based on the usage of the services if these are against the law, the good faith and customs generally accepted.


You can read our Standards of Good Behaviour in this link:http://streetbarter.com/en/standards-of-good-behaviour/


4.1.- All the content inside the website ( including source code, manner, design, products’ names, pictures, labels, commercial names, logos, graphics, copyright etc. ) is property of StreetBarter or third parties and is protected by the Intellectual Property and Industry Regulation so they will have the right to take advantage of it, being its infraction against the law.


5.1.- StreetBarter will not be responsible for the products or services provided by third parties. This includes content, information, communications or opinions of any kind, originated by third parties that may be accessible through the website.

5.2.- Nevertheless, taking into account the articles 11 and 16 of the LSSI (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del comercio electrónico), StreetBarter will commit to eliminate or block any content that may affect or be against the national or international legislation, third parties’ rights or the public order.

5.3.- The barters among users of the website are the result of the free exchange by people of legal age, acting under their responsibility. StreetBarter will not take any responsibility for any of the consequences derived from these agreements.

5.4.- StreetBarter will use all available means to provide the security systems that may protect the contents and the systems inside the website from any type of malware or attack. Nevertheless, the user understands and accepts the aspects of providing services through Internet openly. This is the reason why StreetBarter cannot guarantee impregnability of the security system or the privacy of the information provided. StreetBarter does not assume any responsibility derived from any security break of the website and the following consequences that may derive from it.


6.1.- You can read our policy of the use of cookies in the section Cookies Policy.


7.1.- The terms and conditions that rule this website are supported by the Spanish legislation.

7.2.- Any controversy that may derive from the access or usage of this website will be subject to the Spanish jurisdiction.


8.1.- To visit this website doesn’t mean that the user must give any information. In the case the user might give information through the registration process, this information will be kept in the website and managed following the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, 13th of December, for the protection of the personal information (LOPD) and other laws.

8.2.- We inform you that through the filling of the form, your personal information will be added and processed in our files. The main purpose of this file is the administration of the registered users and to facilitate the provided services. StreetBarter guarantees the confidentiality of all the information provided as that in any case this information may be relinquished for any usage without prior agreement. We will only ask for the necessary information in order to provide a good service.

8.3.- You can exercise your ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellations and Opposition) in relation to your personal information, sending an email to info@streetbarter.com

8.4.- Through our website you can gain access to the open social media for our users. These are websites in which the user can sign up and follow us freely. This way users could know all the activities that we organise, rewiews, pictures and video. Users should be aware that the social media will always be independent from StreetBarter and will be visible for all the users. The privacy policy that is going to be applied to the content is the one established by the social media and not owned by StreetBarter.