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What is StreetBarter?

StreetBarter is a web community with a very clear goal: currency exchange between individuals. Through our easy web application , you can find the currency that your are looking for or you can publish the currency that you have now, and make a Barter with people like you at any of our meeting locations, called BarterPoints.

Why StreetBarter?

We have given a turning to the way currency exchange has been done up to now. The banks and bureaus of exchange, have stablished some prices and fees that make the user feel unconfortable, and that in some cases seem unfair. There are some companies on the Internet that exchange the currency at a lower price, but, why not FREE? This is the reason why, and based on the called sharing economy, we decided to create and put at your service a needed website platform so that you may be able to exchange your currency freely, no charges or exchange fees.

What advantages does it give to me?

Even if you are a foresighted or you like to make decisions “on the fly”, you will be able to save time arranging a meeting with the user you want, at the time and place that is better for you. Moreover our service is 100% free, so when you publish the currency you have, our website app will convert your currency according to the offcial current change. With this you will save money not paying charges or exchanges fees, so, how are you going to spend that money?

Where could I download the app?

Being a Web App, there is no need to download anything, so go directly to www.streetbarter.com. You do not have to download anything, or be pending of updates that may slow down your computer or device.

Is the exchange of currency safe with other users?

Of course, you do not share your personal information with other users of the community. We have created the appropriate tool so that only you and the other person know when and where the exchange will take place, moreover the amount to be Bartered. Among the users of the community a trust relationship is established, therefore, you should be based on reviews and rates from other users in the community about that person and then, you will be able to review and rate your own exchange.

Where could I make my Barters?

You can choose among any of the meeting locations of our networks, called BarterPoints, so that you can make your Barter in a quiet and safe way. The BarterPoints will be placed in good locations, with Internet access and they will be businesses that can add value to the city you choose to visit.